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Sunday, 06 January, 2013


Sunday, 06 January, 2013


The University of Bath, Sports Training Village, Claverton Down, Bath, BA2 7AY

Blog Entry

The first grading competition of the year got off to a great start with 11 gymnasts representing the club for the trampoline discipline and two competing in the double mini tramp (DMT) discipline. 

It was an early start for the season as BG was looking for people to move up from the national 'D' grades into the 'C' grades. This put a lot of pressure on the performers with only one practice session following the Christmas break to prepare for this event. Needless to say we were very proud of all of them regardless of the results on the day.

We saw a great mix of results with 6 medal winners and two of our members acquiring the required mark to qualify up to the next level. The full results were;


Reg D U17G

Rebecca Green, 2nd place after making the final (with a score of 45.1 after two rounds).

Reg D U19B

Taylor Fee, 1st place (no final this group) (with a score of 48.8 after two rounds).


Sophie Smith, 3rd place (no final this group) (with a score of 49.0 after two rounds).

Nikita Robinson, 4th place (no final this group) (with a score of 48.8 after two rounds).


Jenny Marsden, 4th place (no final this group) (with a score of 47.4 after two rounds).


Harry Loveless, 1st place (no final this group) (with a score of 48.0 after two rounds).


Georgia Ouldridge, 6th place (no final this group) (with a score of 46.7 after two rounds).


Leigh Stone, 5th place (no final this group). Leigh's first routine subject to protest with judges as not marked.


Victoria Wright, 6th place (no final this group) (with a score of 44.0 after two rounds).


Kathryn Rich QUALIFIED, 3rd place (no final this group) (with a score of 46.0 after two rounds).

Amy Hutchins QUALIFIED, 4th place (no final this group) (with a score of 45.4 after two rounds).


Reg D O19L DMT

Laura Kemp, 1st place with a total of 118.50


Gemma Bennett, 9th place with a total of 56.60

("REG" & "ASM" refer to grade structure)

Well done to everyone who took part. A special mention for both Kathryn and Amy who deserve their qualification after several attempts at this grade. A fantastic performance from Victoria in her first appearance at her grade.

Thanks also to Laurissa for judging and to Harry, Kathryn & Taylor for sharing the bed marshal duties.

We are now looking forward to the next event which is on 3rd March and again will be held at Bath. This will be a much larger event and we hoping to take more of our performers & look at more medals and qualifications as we progress thru the year

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