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Aquila is fortunate to boast a plethora of experience – but more than that; they’re great people!!

Richard  Law

Club Responsibility: Head Coach
Trampoline Gymnastics Level 5: High Performance Coach (HPC)
Trampoline Gymnastics County Judge
DMT Gymnastics Level 4: Senior Club Coach (SCC)

I have lived in Swindon all my life, married to Katharine in 2003, and have two fantastic children, Harry and Ellen. My first experience with trampoline was at school when I was 15 years. I soon developed a keen interest and became a coach at the age of 18. Whilst still at school I attended classes at the local sports centre, and eventually started competition with a local club. I was fortunate to be introduced to Rosie Bascombe of Ringwood and Bournemouth at a Regional 345 (as it was back then) competition where I was offered a place in training with Rosie. Over the years I progressed my coaching and as a competitor, I achieved National Grade 1 and even had the opportunities to compete at various International competitions.

Unfortunately, it was around this time in my trampoline career that a medical condition (unknown at the time) resulted in a training accident that later forced me to retire as a competitive gymnast. I had made so many lifelong friends at Ringwood, so the decision to stop training was a difficult one. I still coach with Ringwood on occasion, but the connection is mostly friendship now.

Since then, I have begun a new challenge… as a coach! – My goals have moved from Grade 1 (Fig B) top 10, to realising this potential in others. Aquila has given me something I didn’t think I would find again – a sense of family and community; I have the pleasure of coaching, working, and training with a fantastic group of individuals and I thoroughly enjoy being a coach.

Harry  Loveless

Club Responsibility: Assistant Coach
Trampoline Gymnastics Level 2: Coach ©

I started trampolining when I was fascinated watching my Dad coach years ago. When I moved Aquila, trampolining turned into a competitive interest for me, which I hope I can continue for a few more years.

I decided I wanted to become a coach when watching people compete and see how happy they were when they did well. I was hoping that I could help people perform well and be happy by coaching them. So following my father’s footsteps, I passed my Level 1 coaching course in May 2013, and hope to improve as a coach.

I enjoy both bouncing and coaching, as well as making friends and having fun. Aquila is a brilliant environment and I love being a part of the club.

Laurissa  Hyner-Anderson

Trampoline Gymnastics Club Judge

I started trampolining when I was 8 at Springs Trampolining Club in Swindon, due to the fact my sister did this sport. I attend regular competitions and to this present day I am still training and competing, resulting in over 10 years of training and dedication to trampolining.

I joined Aquila around 2005 where I really progressed and developed my trampolining skills, with help and support from our dedicated coaches. Through hard work and dedication I am currently National Level in trampoline and also DMT.

My passion for the sport led to me completing my judging course in 2010 and I thoroughly enjoy judging at regular regional competitions.

Rob  Loveless

Club Responsibility: Health & Safety, Volunteer Coordinator
Trampoline Gymnastics Level 4: Senior Club Coach (SCC)
Trampoline Gymnastics County Judge

I began my trampoline career at the ripe old age of 16 when I attended Sixth Form College in Southampton. I joined Southampton Trampoline Club and got to work with the brilliant Howard Tear, the then and current head coach. I have maintained a long term relationship with the club and continue to find inspiration which I use to this day.

Coaching also began at sixth form where I took physical education as a main subject and trampoline as my main sport (both competitive and coaching). I did my first coaching qualifications with the British Trampoline Federation, the then governing body, being taught by the late and great Bert Scales, the then national team coach.

I later moved to London where while coaching I meet my wife Vivienne. We married in October 1987 and have four great kids in Sam, Joe, Rachel and Harry. We moved to Swindon in 1989 and I joined Louise for a while at Springs before coaching at local centres for a few years.
At the start of 2008 I joined Aquila after looking for a club that had an attitude towards this sport that matched my own love for providing a place where the focus is on bringing people to their full potential as well as enjoying the activity. I am now looking forward to working with a group of talented and enthusiastic people and growing Aquila to become a major club in Trampoline and DMT and, hopefully, finding future world champions....

Stephanie  Bird

Club Responsibility: Coach
Trampoline Gymnastics Level 2: Coach ©

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Rachel  Loveless

Club Responsibility: Assistant Coach

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